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India is a country with rich history and tradition. Here, every festivity or occasion is celebrated with huge enthusiasm and galore. One of the most common activities in every celebration is making merry by singing and dancing to the tune of music. Apart from the music players playing, there are male and femalewho singmelodious songs according to the event.Their soothing voice and poignant performance fills every heart with joy.

Who is a Singer?

Anyone who uses their voice to produce music is a singer. A singer may sing solo on track or in groupaccompanied by a band of instruments. Singers can change the mood of any occasion by making it livelier with their music. Female singers are the females who perform a vocal song using various tones and rhythms.

What our Female Singers Do?

We are a family of self-artists who are experts in singing songs of all genres. Whether you want to have a solo performance or want a group performance with bands of instruments our singers can help you with that. Our customized singing add the perfect mix of warmth and fun to your function.

Our female singers can sing songs ranging from traditional folk songs to that of today’s generation. Our most popular song genre include Ganesh Vandana, Banna–Banni, Lagan KeGeet, HaldikeGeet, Tel - Baan KeGeet, Punjabi Folk Songs (Geet), RaatJaga (TraditonalSangeet with dholki) , Rajasthani Folk Songs, Bhaatkegeet, TappeBoliya, Ghorikegeet, Sehrekegeet, Bhaatkegeet, SuhagkeGeet, Marwari Songs, etc. We can also sing from old and new Bollywood movie songs, famous numbers, sufi songs, and retro numbers from 70’s till the date. If anyone wants to sing, we have a provision for that as well and can arrange their performance with our band.

How we can help?

We are a group of singers who are skilled in their field. What keeps our singers apart from other female singers in Delhi is our talent and professionalism. All our singers are in-house and not hired from outside – that is where we have an edge over others. We are proud to say that we don’t outsource the work but do it ourselves to ensure best of the performances. It is because of our goodwill only that we have a testimony of clients including many influential names including that of the Ministers, Govt.Employees, Bollywood stars, IAS, IPS, Diplomats, Business Tycoons and many more.

How to Book?

In order to book us, please call or What’s App at the numbers given below and provide the requirement details. We will then share with you the amount of advance required which you can either deposit or pay in cash as per your convenience.