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Ladies Sangeet Singers in Delhi

Marriage is one of the most important events in an individual’s life. Every person wants to make the most of their wedding ceremony and if it is an Indian wedding, there is just no limit to the excitement that follows. From lavish big fat weddings to simple wedding ceremonies, Indian weddings are fun with a lot of customs and traditions. One such custom that add the flavour of music and dance to the occasion is the music ceremony, popularly known as the ‘Ladies Sangeet.’

Ladies Sangeet Singers

A ‘Ladies Sangeet’ is an important music ritual in any Indian wedding. It is generally the pre-wedding ritual but in some cases, the groom side celebrate it after the marriage also. Generally lasted for 2-2.5 hours, a Ladies Sangeet ceremony is all about the pleasures and fun with music and dance. In this ceremony, there are Ladies Sangeet Singers who sing melodious songs to make it more enjoyable for all the attendees. If you are looking for the best Ladies Sangeet singers in Delhi, your search ends here!

How Can We Help?

We are a family of musicians who are talented in their work. We are self-artists who believe in adding the touch of warmth and personalization to any occasion with our performances.Our ladies sangeet singers include male and female singers who are experts in singing solo on track as well as with bands of instruments. The band of instruments usually includes instruments like keyboard, guitar,dholak,dhol, etc. and the sound system which includes mics, speakers and the required equipment.If anyone guest or family member want to sing, we even have a provision for that as well and can arrange their performance with our band.

What All Can Our Ladies Sangeet Singers Perform?

Our singers are experienced in singing in Ladies Sangeetceremonies for various communities. They can sing songs ranging from traditional folk songs to that of today’s generation. Our most popular songs for Ladies Sangeet and MehndikiRaat function include Ganesh Vandana, Banna–Banni, Lagan KeGeet, HaldikeGeet, Tel - Baan KeGeet, Punjabi Folk Songs (Geet), RaatJaga (TraditonalSangeet with dholki) , Rajasthani Folk Songs, Bhaatkegeet, TappeBoliya, Ghorikegeet, Sehrekegeet, Bhaatkegeet, SuhagkeGeet, Marwari Songs, etc. We can also sing from old and new Bollywood movie songs, famous numbers, sufi songs, and retro numbers from 70’s till the date.

Our ladies singers are very talented and professional. This is why wehave got the opportunity to perform in the ladies sangeet ceremony ofmany influential personalities like that of the Ministers, Govt.Employees, Bollywood stars, IAS, IPS, Diplomats, Business Tycoons and many more.

How to Book

Please call or Whats App at the numbers given below and share your requirements with us. We will then let you know the required advance amount which you can either deposit or pay in cash as per your convenience.